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Welcome to Ek Kadam Zindagi ki Aur

Since 2011

Ek Kadam Zindagi ki Aur is an NGO, or non-governmental organization, that is driven by a commitment to social or environmental causes. One such cause that we focus on is Blood donation. Blood donors are the lifeblood of our organization, providing a crucial resource that can save lives in times of emergency or medical need.

Through their efforts, we are able to organize blood donation drives, raise awareness about the importance of donating blood, and ensure that there is a steady supply of blood available for those in need.

Blood donation is a selfless act that has the power to make a significant impact on the lives of others. It is estimated that every two seconds, someone in the world is in need of blood. Without blood donors, many lives would be lost.

We organize and facilitate blood donation drives. These events provide an opportunity for individuals to come forward and donate blood, often in a convenient and accessible location. By bringing the community together for these drives, Ek Kadam Zindagi ki Aur is able to create a sense of unity and purpose around the act of blood donation.

Our Services

Blood Donation Camps

We collaborate with colleges, corporates, RWAs to organize innovative and engaging blood donation camps end to end.

Handling Helpline

Through helpline requests, we help address immediate blood requirements by patients.

Awareness Session

Street plays, competitions, and sessions - targeted at inspiring people, especially the first timers, to come out and donate blood.

Volunteer Journey

Join Us in an Blood Donation Tour

Our Members 

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Our Mission

We ensure that the donated blood is properly collected, processed, and distributed to hospitals and medical facilities where it is needed most. To utilize various strategies such as social media campaigns, public events, and educational programs to reach a wider audience to spread the message.

We work with hospitals, medical centers, and blood banks to coordinate the collection, testing, and storage of donated blood. This involves maintaining a database of registered blood donors, conducting regular health screenings to ensure the safety of the donated blood, and coordinating the distribution of blood products to hospitals and patients in need.

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